A Cleaning Gift for Myself

I knew that I was going to need some help with my spring cleaning in Singapore this year. I usually have plenty of time as well as energy to do it on my own, but I was severely lacking in both this year. I was working a lot of overtime because we had three people out. One was out for medical purposes, and two were out on pregnancy leave. Rather than hire someone else, all of us pitched in to cover for them until they were back. That meant that I was running myself ragged, and I just needed some help.

I knew that I could put my spring cleaning off for a little bit of time until life slowed down again. I did not want to do that though, even though it is the option that made the most sense. I just wanted to get it done with because I did not want to fall behind on my own personal schedule either. The main reason why I was so insistent upon getting this done is because I knew that there was help available. There is a cleaning company that I have used in the past, and I remembered seeing on their website information about spring cleaning help.

I went to the website to see what all is involved with their spring cleaning help, and I was surprised that it entailed as much as it does. Of course, people don’t have to go the full route of getting complete help, but that was an option for people like me. I called to make an appointment for my next day off, and it did not take us but maybe five hours to get everything sorted, then she cleaned my house for me. I love giving myself little gifts like that now and again!