Best Flower Shop We Have Used

Finding a florist in Fitzroy who would keep up with our business proved a challenge after our long time florist decided to retire. I own a funeral home and of course that means we’re always dealing with flowers. We have about four or five funerals each and every day and we need a florist who can keep up with that demand. Our old florist understood our business and our needs and was always there for us come rain or shine. We never had a problem, even when something popped up at the last minute. He was always there for us.

When he decided to quit the business, we got really worried. You simply can’t have something go wrong with a funeral service. People are at the their most fragile state and when anything goes wrong there is always a big blow up about it. People get angry even when something happens that can’t be helped, like a flat tire on a limousine. They really seem to get edgy when flowers don’t show up on time. That’s why we needed someone who could always come through in a pinch. We found them by going online and doing some research.

When I called the shop I found online, I very quickly realized that this was the place we would be doing business with in the near future. They understood completely the demands of the funeral business, and had actually done business with many of our competitors in the past. They agreed to come up with a plan that would make our business a priority, and we have yet to have a single problem with them. Everything arrives on time and looks simply beautiful and elegant. I think we’re going to weather the retirement of our previous florist very well with this new company.