Checking out Some Smart Home Systems

I bought a nice piece of land a couple of years ago. It was a good deal and the location was something that I was able to live with. It is not really that close to my job, but it was really inexpensive and I could deal with the commute. Of course I have a small motorcycle that I use to go back and forth to work much of the year. Right now I have been checking out the offerings from ADT Security and some of their competitors. What I am looking to do is to get the best smart home system that I can afford. Like most people I am on a budget and the purpose of the smart home features is to save me money. So I have to figure out what the total cost of it is going to be. How much is going to cost you up front and then what is going to be the cost to have it on a monthly basis. The home automation components probably do not require that, but the home security system is useless without a monitoring service. The first thing is the cost of the hardware and how much it is going to cost to get the system installed. That is something which I could probably do by myself if I wanted to and I had the time to figure it all out. There are a lot of web pages which sell all of the stuff that you need and then you just have to figure out how to put it in your house. The key is to get it all to work together and you need some way to connect it with your smart phone or tablet. It would probably be much simpler and easier to trust it to some guy who knew what to do.