Everyone Needs to Keep Working when Something Goes Wrong

Working out of an old building can mean a lot of problems. I own a barber shop on the bottom floor, and I am also the owner of the entire building, too. Between the two things, I am on my toes all the time. I found myself with a pretty busy schedule this week for haircuts and shaves, and wouldn’t you know that this was the same week that the AC went out, too. I really needed air conditioning repair in NYC very quickly so that I would not have a lot of angry tenants to deal with or problems with my own customers.

I made some calls, and because it had been such a hot week, the AC people told me that it would be a few hours before they could get to my location. I didn’t mind because I know that when there’s a heat wave, these places probably have a lot of grumpy customers who take it out on the employees, even though it’s not their fault at all. I just hoped that my customers would be okay with getting their hair done in a warm barbershop. Thankfully, everyone was gracious about it, and I even got a few extra tips because people said that I looked to be working pretty hard in the heat. That is always nice when someone appreciates you. I can’t stop working just because something else goes wrong. My customers are important.

The AC techs showed up earlier than I thought they would. They said they rushed to me because I run a business and have other people in the building to worry about. I was really taken aback by that. I would definitely keep these guys in mind because of that. They got a few parts switched out in about 30 minutes, and everyone was running well again.