Finally Getting My Tattoo Removed and the Bags Under My Eyes Fixed

I woke up one morning and noticed that the bags under my eyes were getting worse. I was getting almost enough rest. Two kids get in the way of that at times. Also, the tattoo I got as a teenager did not look as sharp and cool as it once did. People that get these don’t think about ink migration and your butterfly turning into an inkblot. I called a place that does aesthetic in Singapore. They offer services to help with bags under the eyes, tattoo removal and more. I even had them help minimize the look of my C-Section scar. It was high time I made a little effort to take care of my own self.

My husband was glad I was finally doing something about the things I was complaining about to him. He told me how it is one thing to have a problem you cannot fix and be upset about it. It is a different matter altogether to have problems you can fix but won’t. I used excuses such as we did not have it in the budget or it takes too long. Now that I am getting my tattoo removed, I wish I would have done it a lot sooner. I had a beautiful tattoo that was rich and vibrant in color and detail. Now it looks like a prison tat. Gross, is an understatement.

I can hardly wait for the final result after my skin recovers. I will be so glad to have that tattoo gone. I am happy that I only have the one. I feel bad for those folks who have tattoo sleeves and more where the ink starts to migrate. Fixing the bags under my eyes was easy. My face looks a whole lot younger, and I no longer look tired all the time. Even when I am tired now, my eyes still look vibrant and youthful.