I Am Enjoying Life at Palisades

I knew that I wanted a two bedroom apartment around Manassas Virginia. Other than that, I really did not know what kind of apartment I wanted. I had never lived in one before, but my job was too unstable to consider anything other than an apartment for the time being. I knew I would be in the area for at least two years, so I just started looking at decent apartments for Manassas VA area. I came across some that I knew I would never step foot in even for a tour, and I came across others that I knew I could not possibly afford because they are just that nice.

However, there were still quite a few in my price range, and they were really nice ones at that. When I looked at the Palisades website and saw everything that this complex offers to the tenants lucky enough to call it home, I knew that I wanted to take a tour of it to see if it was even better in person. All I could say once my tour was over a few days later is, Sold! I was completely sold on the idea of living there, and I filled out the rental agreement and application right there after my tour was done.

The office staff told me that it would not take long for them to get back to me, and they were right. I found out fairly fast that I was approved, and I was even able to get the apartment that I had toured. I really wanted that one because of the view from the master bedroom as well as the balcony. I want to wake up every morning and have that view, and that became a reality to me not that long ago. I moved in a few months ago, and I have been enjoying life here ever since.