I Could Not Wait to Move to Regency

I was really sick and tired of the apartment that I had been living in for nearly a year. It sounded and looked good before moving in, but that taught me that I need to do a lot more research other than just looking at a complex’s website if I want to know the real details of a place. I was under a lease for 12 months, which meant that i started looking for a new place to live as soon as I had just a month left. I looked at the Regency at Lookout Canyon first because it looked like a really nice place the few times I had passed it.

I knew that I was going to have to go online and find out more, so I looked at their website as well as a local review website. It was on there that I found out that what the property management promises to its tenants actually gets delivered. That made me really happy because I really liked what I saw there! The community amenities were nice, but it was what is inside the apartment that had me the most excited.

The apartment that I have now here at the Regency has carpeting throughout, and it is not old and worn looking. I have a garden tub as well as a fireplace, and those are two things I use quite often. My old apartment had neither, nor did it have the huge walk in closet that I have now. I also have a garage for my car, which means I am no longer walking 40 or so car lengths in the rain at times to get to my apartment. Everything here is so much better, and I have a feeling I will not be moving unless I am transferred out of state with my job!