I May Have Finally Found the Person That I Want to Stay with

It took me awhile to agree to go to the residence of the man that I had been dating for over 60 days. I can be a bit private, and I like to feel things out before I really trust a person. I knew that he lived in the Singapore New Futura building just a couple of blocks from my apartment, but I wanted to make sure that we were going to continue dating one another before inviting him to my place or going over to his place. Finally, on the 91st day of our relationship, he mentioned that he would love to cook dinner for me. It was then that I agreed to meet him at his place for a nice homemade meal. Up until that point we had been meeting at restaurants.

I’ve always been a pretty cautious person when it comes to dating. I had watched both of my older sisters jump into relationship after relationship far too quickly. They often got in over their heads. I promised myself that I would take dating more seriously and stay objective about each person that I dated. I stayed true to that. It has helped me to see which guys I need to stop wasting time on, and it has allowed me to figure out which guys have been worth keeping around. I’ve dated around 30 men, and I quickly learned that only 2 of them have been really worthwhile.

The first guy that I dated for a long time moved out of the country about 12 months after we started dating. The guy I’m dating now is the second person who has been worth staying with. He likes taking things slowly as well. The night that I went to his condo for dinner is the night that he told me that he wants to date me exclusively. I hate to say it so early on, but I have been starting to think that he might be be someone that I end up with for a very long time to come.