Is a Made Bed Actually Cleaner

What’s worse than waking up to to the gnarly itching and burning accompanying red welts of the tell tale signs that you might have bed bugs? Ugh! Nothing, if you ask me, unless it was rats in my bed. Knowing that there are potentially millions of these little pests crawling in, breeding in and living in my bed is enough to make my skin want to crawl right off my body and move out of the state. Luckily there’s a great bed bug exterminator in NYC – apparently the capital of bed bugs in the United States according to recent research.

Bed bugs are a symptom of poor cleanliness. If you don’t make it a habit of washing the sheets on a routine basis you’ll soon find yourself facing a difficult challenge in getting rid of pests who have a tenacious nature. Sometimes it can be easier to simply throw away your bedding and at other times to get rid of the mattress completely. If you’re lucky enough and are able to find the infestation early you have a greater chance in succeeding in being able to rescue your bedding and hopefully your mattress as well. The eggs are notoriously difficult to destroy!

Bed bugs also thrive in a cool, orderly climate which means that whenever you have made up your bed they’ll actually thrive in the environment that you’ve just made for them. While a bed that has been left mussed and disorderly will disrupt the bed bugs egg laying capability. For myself this is great news because it means I can leave my bed however I like it and not worry about hearing the echoes of my mother’s voice reaching from the memories of my childhood to always make my bed. Hey, mom, it’scleaner when I don’t make it up!