My Back Feels Fine Now

I hurt my back really good the other day and I am really happy now that it is over. I just slipped on a slick spot this one time and after that I really hurt from then until I went to get it fixed. It did not get easier and I never really understood what was going on. I ended up going to see a guy who does Singapore TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine to get him to do acupuncture on me. It was not like I really believed that it would work, but the guy at church swore to me really resolutely that it would work just fine. That is the only reason that I did and I was okay with it only after I figured out that it really worked. The guy explained the concept to me after it was done, but that was not really doing what he wanted it to do. They were telling me this stuff about the way that think about this stuff and it really did sound like mumbo jumbo.

It did work just fine, but I have no clue how it works or what it does to you. The truth is that I just did not want to look at the needles that they stick into you. These things are really long and they are really sharp. I was just covering up my head and not looking at those things while they were sticking me. When they stop sticking me I was really quite happy to have my back working the way that it was supposed to work and with no real pain. I did not really want to know what caused it to work and so I was just happy that it did work for me. I was really just happy to be able to move.