The People Who Work with Me Feel Like Family

I work for a company that does home cleaning services in Singapore and they have been so good to me while I try to get back on my feet. My boss and my fellow employees have been wonderful to me. I feel like we are a family, and I have never felt that way before when it comes to working at any other company. Previously, I had never really felt that I belonged anywhere in the my adult life. The support they have given me has been very welcoming because I had a battle with cancer last year. I was so grateful for all the support from the people I work with.

I have no living family members. The closest person to me in my life was my husband before we divorced. We were married for 23 years. At some point, he decided that he was tired of the marriage and wanted to go down a different route with someone else who is half his age. It hurt a lot. I planned to grow old with him, and I gave everything to our relationship. I promised myself that I would not let the divorce take me down, and things seemed okay at first. Then, just weeks after the divorce papers were signed, my doctor told me that I had cancer.

Being alone when you know that you have cancer is a very scary thing. I’ve never been a very fearful person, but I began anxiously fretting about how I could get through treatment without help. You can’t very get to your treatment visits if you are busy sleeping for long hours every day because of the illness you have. But my boss gave me a leave of absence, promised to hold my job for me, and then she and my coworkers took turns cooking meals for me, driving me to doctors appointments, grocery shopping for me and so much more.