The World’s Most Luxurious Car Brands

 ... at the Range Rover SUV Black Range Rover – Land Rover Range RoverMuch like anything else in modern society, luxury cars provide a means to show off or make an investment. The world offers plenty of luxurious car brands, but some are more popular than others. This article will discuss the world’s most luxurious car brands.

The Rolls-Ryoce received top pick in a recent Beijing study. The original Rolls-Royce first made its appearance in 1906. As the years progressed, this luxury brand has changed ownership twice and still provides some of the most popular cars modern day.

Bentley is another popular choice. This brand actually manufactures Rolls-Royce cars as a subsidiary since 2003. This brand name was developed in 1919 by W.O. Bentley. It was renowned for its rotary aero-engines during the first World War. After WWI, Bentley went on to manufacture luxury cars that we still see today.

Ferraris are often seen in fancy and upscale neighborhoods in Miami or Manhattan. This brand came to existence in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari is credited with producing some of the most luxurious Italian sports cars that money can buy today. Although a sign of luxury, the cars are often attributed with racing as well.

The Lamborghini hasn’t been around as long as its counterparts. It has been part of the Italian luxury car scene since 1961. Most of the popular Lamborghinis available on the market sport a V10 or V12 engine.

Maserati is yet another luxurious Italian car that came into existence in 1914. This car brand has been owned by the brand Fiat. The Maserati’s emblem can best be described as the trident and it is well renowned in most high end social circles.

This article has discussed some of the most common and luxurious car brands available in the world today. As you can see, most luxury cars have been around for over a century!